Hello! My name is Aaron Vadakkan and I am an ambitious and driven high school student from Aurora, Colorado. This year will be my first year rappelling off of a 36 story building in Downtown Denver while raising money for cancer service grants for the Cancer League of Colorado. I enjoy putting forth my valuable 24 hours a day for causes such as this one. I recognize that I’m very fortunate to have not been personally affected by cancer, but its impact on our worldwide community has been devastating. I decide to spend my time trying to aid others who aren't as fortunate as me, and Over The Edge has given me the opportunity to do it in a fun way. 


I would love for you to be part of my journey in meeting my goal of raising $1,500! If 30 people were to donate $50, I would reach my goal, but a donation of any size goes a long way! It would mean so much to me if you would consider donating to me and this wonderful cause. If donating is something you can't do, helping me spread my message and following our social media accounts would be greatly appreciated too.

Thank You!

Aaron Vadakkan