Your life is your story. Write well and edit often. 

Yes, December 14th, 2019 changed my life, but I will continue down this challenging path with good thoughts only! ?? 

Yes, I am beyond grateful that I worked with the most advanced brain cancer and tumor treatment team in Colorado. 

Yes, I am so lucky that UCHealth is also one of the 45 elite Comprehensive Cancer Centers in the country!

Yes, I was in the ICU at UCHealth and was diagnosed with stage 2 brain cancer in December of 2019. Brain tumor grade two, diffuse astrocytoma, and IDH-mutant.

Yes, I had six hours of brain surgery on December 27th, 2019.

Yes, I went through six weeks straight of chemo treatment and radiation.

Yes, I went back to work full time on April 7th, of 2020.

Yes, I am tested frequently with MRI’s as part of the process for several years into the future for continued remission. 

Yes, there is no cure for brain cancer, but I will keep fighting and moving in the right direction!

Yes, I also had a baby on Jan. 28th, 2023.