Why would I jump off a building?

In 2011, my husband and the father of my son was diagnosed with end-stage liver cancer.  At the time, there were no treatment options that would give him both more time and better health.  He chose, in courage, to balance longevity against his ability to be present for our son, and died within four months of his diagnosis.

In 2013, my dearest friend and the godmother to my son died from the metastasized breast cancer we thought she'd beat almost five years before.  For the second time in two years, my son and I spent the month of May mourning those we loved, those who had shaped our lives, those who had burned so brightly that our world was but shadows without them.

 We've surfaced from those darkest days, and progress has been made.  Just in the last few years, advances in medicine might have prolonged their lives by months, if not years.

Rappelling down the side of a building is a small act compared to the courage my husband and friend showed in the face of a foe that was, at the time, unbeatable.

Hope matters.

Commitment matters.

Decide to make a difference.