OK so no surprise here that I am rappelling off of a building. HAHA!  But this time it is for a worthy cause.  Cancer League of Colorado (CLC).  I am joining my son Xander who is also rappelling 38 floors.

CLC is a non-profit organization composed of volunteers.  CLC is unique in that there's no paid staff members and no offices.  All operating expenses are covered by CLC membership dues and the volunteer staff.  Every dollar that's raised through events like Over the Edge and the Hope Ball go directly to cancer research, patient care and family programs.  Since inception, CLC has over $16 million dollars to support the mission of cancer research and patient/family support!  

We all know somebody who has been affected by cancer.  It is a scary and deadly disease that leaves the patient and family in an often-helpless situation.  It has been nearly 25 years since I lost my dad to cancer and most recently a good friend and neighbor.  If we all chip in just a little, we might be able to help the dedicated researchers get just a little closer to finding a cure.

Thank you all for supporting this cause!!!