Here's a little fact for you. In 1950, cure rates for childhood cancer were less than 10%. Today, cure rates for childhood cancer are over 80%. Why? Partly, because of innovation in medicine/biotechnology, but also because  apx. 60% of those children are treated by a clinical trial. 

Clinical trials are the cutting edge in medicine and technology, and the heart of all medical advances. These new drug, new surgical procedures, or even new devices allow cancer patients better treatment outcomes, better quality of life, better life expectancy, and above all else, hope. Because of clinical trials and cancer research, treatment has become more personal, treating the individual instead of the disease itself. Yet, less than 5% of adult cancer patients will enroll in a clinical trial. In part, due to the lack of education regarding clinical trials. 

Like many other people, cancer hits close to home. My grandfather died of a rare plasma cancer, multiple myeloma, and I presently to see my friends, neighbors, and family fight cancer everyday. I happened to get involved in clinical trials by accident, when I was in high school, doing an internship to graduate. I happened to work with Opdivo, an immunotherapy trial drug now approved by the FDA. I was touched by my internship so I went to college to specifically work in oncology clinical trials. I joined the University of Colorado Anschutz Cancer Clinical Trials office as a passion in fighting cancer, providing care to those who need it, and to be on the cutting edge of innovative medical treatments. I do so in the memory of my grandfather and all other lives lost to this disease. 

So, why donate to cancer research? With the help of clinicians, scientists, and donors like you, cancer patients will continue to see improvement in treatments, education, and outcomes. Just like what happened in the case of childhood cancer as said above. There will be an ever evolving army of treatments, surgical procedures, and devices available to all who want them. Lastly, an ever increasing bank of hope for everyone impacted by cancer. 

The Cancer League Colorado will donate 100% of earnings to cancer research and cancer patient services in Colorado. There are no paid staff and all 400 members are volunteers to fight cancer and support research. Please consider donating, as every dollar donated here helps to save a life in our snowy communities of Colorado. Lets climb that mountain together and donate "Over the edge" today!