Denver Over The Edge 2023

Gary Reece

Dear Family and Friends,


Hard to believe, but this is the 14th year for Cancer League of Colorado's unique OVER THE EDGE event, which will be held on September 8th, 9th and 10th.  Just as last year, we will be rappelling off the high-profile 36-story 1670 Broadway building in downtown Denver which, at 408 feet, is the tallest building we have ever rappelled.  We will have three ropes going simultaneously again this year, with 150 people expected to rappel over the three-day period.  As always, because Cancer League is 100% volunteer and has no paid staff of offices, all dollars raised from this event will be used to support Cancer League’s commitment to fund innovative cancer research and clinical trails, as well as services for cancer patients and their families, that we hope will end the threat of this deadly disease in our lifetime.  

This year, I will complete my 21st Over the Edge rappel, and each one has been special, fun and exhilarating.  I will be rappelling with my friends Courtney Mizel and Janice Sinden at 9:20am on Friday, September 9th.  And I am dedicating my rappel this year to my good friend Bruce Gross who currently is battling oral cancer.  I invite you to come down and watch us if you can. 


1.  JOIN ME ON THE ROPES and go "OVER THE EDGE" yourself.  Do this for a friend, or for a co-worker, or for a family member who has been touched by cancer.  Or do this for yourself!  Whatever your motivation, I will guarantee you the experience of a lifetime, and you will be raising money for the very worthy cause of finding a cure for cancer.  To participate, you will need to raise a minimum pledge amount of $1,500 for Cancer League of Colorado (and you have until December 31st to raise the funds), which is not hard to do when your friends and contacts understand the cause and what you are committing to do in support of it.   Go to http://www.denverovertheedge.com and hit the "Register" button to sign up.  WHEN YOU REGISTER, BE SURE TO JOIN MY TEAM, REECES PIECES.  If you want to sign up and have any trouble, please contact me and I will be happy to help you.  Space is limited, so please sign up as soon as you can.

2.     DONATE TO SUPPORT MY RAPPEL.  If the thought of rappelling off a 36-story building doesn't appeal to you, I would appreciate your support to help me reach my personal goal of raising $15,000 for Cancer League.  Simply click on the donate button on this page.  If you would prefer to donate by check, please make it out to Cancer League of Colorado, include “Gary Reece Over the Edge" in the notes section, and send it to Cancer League's address at P.O. Box 5373, Englewood, Colorado  80155-5373. 

Please share this message with everyone you know who has been touched by cancer in some way and might be interested in supporting the mission of Cancer League in one of the two ways outlined above.

Thank you for your support, and I look forward to seeing you at the top (or the bottom) of 1670 Broadway.    

All the best,