Despite my incredible fear of rappelling down a 38-foot story building, I am going “Over the Edge” on behalf of the Cancer League of Colorado (CLC).  Joining me (both to support the cause and to support my fears), will be my older son, Erik Jedlicka.  Supporting the CLC is important to me for a number of reasons.  First, the CLC has provided critical funds to many researchers in the state of Colorado to enable investigators to obtain data required for securing large grants from the government; grants that are needed if we are to research both basic and translational mechanisms of all types of cancers in an effort to move towards cures.   Secondly, the CLC supports all aspects of the cancer mission: funding goes towards training students to become cancer biologists, supporting basic and translational research, and supporting clinical trials; all which are critical as we continue our fight against this disease.  This organization is 100% volunteer, and all money raised goes to the cause of cancer.  I know almost all of us have been touched by cancer.  I am dedicating this to my father, Fred Ford, who died of esophageal cancer only two months before Erik was born.  With continued research, I hope in the future we can avoid such scenarios….