On September 12, 2020 at 12:20pm I am going Over the Edge in Denver.  I will be rappelling down a 44 story building to raise life saving funds for the University of Colorado Comprehensive Cancer Center so I can continue living my best life.  My fundraising goal is $1,500.00

In October of 2018, without any known risk factors or respiratory symptoms, I was blindsided by a Stage IIIA inoperable lung cancer diagnosis.  I was given a terrible prognosis of months to live.  I am almost 2 years out from that terrible day!  How??? Because RESEARCH MATTERS!!!!  One month prior to my diagnosis a lifesaving Immunotherapy was approved for my type of cancer.  I am beating the odds, but I still only have a 21% chance of living an additional 3 years.  Call me greedy, but I want more!!

Please help me make a late stage lung cancer diagnosis go from a death sentence to a long term chronic condition that can be treated as needed with medications and/or procedures.  I am willing to go Over the Edge to make that happen.  Will you help me?