I may not excel at research or investigation, but my social nature, adventurous spirit, and personable demeanor allow me to make a difference. I am dedicated to raising funds for those who tackle the intellectual work, fight on the front lines, and support their loved ones. Like many, I've experienced the loss of dear ones before their 40th birthday, witnessed my grandmother's multiple battles with breast cancer, and currently have friends fighting. I raise funds in their memory, proudly supporting local communities in Colorado.

Please donate! In September, witness me rappelling down McGregor Square Downtown to celebrate our loved ones. Better yet, let's join forces and do this together! Let's keep the tone passionate, upbeat, and compelling. Help us raise cash donations for life-saving research and support networks. Every contribution matters, making a real impact on those affected by illness. Your generosity will bring us closer to a future where devastating diseases no longer claim lives prematurely. Join me in this inspiring journey to create change, generate awareness, and provide compassionate care. Together, let's make a difference! Donate today and witness the exhilaration of celebrating resilience in September at McGregor Square Downtown. Let's unite for a powerful impact!