I live by the motto, 'Let's Go!'  My wife of 9 years, Kim and I love adventures (local and afar), sports, pushing our selves, and spending time with the kids, Riley 24 and Sidney 22.  I've been a Loan Officer for 20 years, and currently working with a great bank in Denver, First Western Trust.  Also, I encourage you to review a new health product, Joos Energy.

I was introduced to Cancer League of Colorado and Over the Edge by Renee Ambrose.  This is a fantastic organization with great leadership.  All the participants work with a purpose and produce legitimate results to fund cancer research. Many of us have lost someone to the battle with cancer, or we've see successors in their long battle.  Even if one beat cancer, it's in their mind they can get it again.

So, I ask all of you to help me reach my goal, raising $2,000.  Let's Go!