When you think your life is fine, and there is so much in front of you, suddenly cancer comes to you, often stays with you and your life is no longer the same. Through decades of intensive research, full dedication and motivation of scientists, we now have new treatments that increase the life span while maintaining quality of life of a number of cancer patients. But, unfortunately, these treatments do not work for all. In the last few years, I lost a very good friend to breast cancer right when she started her retirement, another very good friend to pancreatic cancer (without having the chance to say goodbye), my wonderful young cousin Enrique of AML, and more recently a very close scientist colleague Karen who gave her life for research until ovarian cancer took her last minutes.  Thus, we cannot give up on the fight against cancer, and we need to continue our research to save more lives. Going over the edge and coming down on the rope, as scary as it will be, will further invigorate my commitment to this goal. 


The Cancer League of Colorado has been a HUGE supporter of cancer research in Colorado for decades, raising almost a million a year for cancer research. Every dime they raise goes to cancer research - no overhead, as it is entirely volunteer run. So please support this wonderful organization!