Team Gummy Bears

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer 3 years ago, I was immediately surrounded with love and support from my friends who circled the wagons around me and my family. After figuring out my diagnosis (stage 1), going to an incredible number of doctor’s appointments, I made my decision to have a double mastectomy. Now I can sleep at night knowing I have done everything I can to fight cancer. My squad of friends stepped in for carpools, dog walking, meals, laundry, snuggles and binge watching, attending doctor appointments, small short walks, even a house where I could recuperate. Now, I am asking them to rappel off a building with me so I can raise money for cancer research. We will actually be rappelling on my 3 year anniversary of being cancer free and knocking off a 50 before 50 off my bucket list. Any amount helps and we are so appreciative of your support. Paige named my team, Team Gummy Bears, because that is the name of the type of implant most women get after a mastectomy. So the name is shout out to all of my warrior sisters out there who are battling cancer during a pandemic. I do not like to be called a “cancer survivor”, I prefer the term “cancer warrior”. PS-Fuck Cancer

 XO, Cindy 

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