Thank you for your supporting my challenge and more importantly Cancer League of Colorado's mission.  Your donation will make a difference in the fight against cancer and its impact on the people we love.  

 CLC is a non-profit organization composed of volunteers.  We're unique in that there are no paid staff members and no offices.  All operating expenses are covered by Cancer League membership dues and the volunteer staff.  Every dollar that is raised through events like Over the Edge and the Hope Ball go directly to cancer research, patient care and family programs.  Since inception, CLC has raised over $16 million dollars to support the mission of cancer research and patient/family support.

We've all been impacted by cancer whether it be you yourself personally, a family member, a friend or associate.  We've all dealt with the pain, fear and helplessness that cancer inflicts upon its victims. Personally, I lost my father whose demise started with prostate cancer.  Almost daily I hear stories of victims of cancer and its impact on those we love. Cancer is an insidious disease that strikes without warning or bias. No one is immune. Please help me FIGHT and KILL cancer.  Thank you for supporting me and my Over The Edge challenge!!! It truly means the world to me!  Much love, Tina